After School Activities in Pleasanton

Nurturing your Child Mind and Skills with After School Activities in Pleasanton

As soon as the school year begins, most of the parents start thinking about not only about the type of classes that their kids will join in school but, also what will their kids do after school. After School Activities in Pleasanton give the kids opportunities to learn several new skills, brush up the existing expertise, get support for the areas that they are not strong in, explore different areas of talent as well as make friends and learn how to communicate with a new person. Participating in after-school activities have several positive outcomes. For all those who are working parents, best after-school activities in Pleasanton is very helpful, as they act as important resource to parents in order to make sure that their kids are in safe as well as in structured place.

Gurukul Pleasanton Academy in collaboration with expert partners brings the best After School Activities in Pleasanton, Dublin, CA for all those children who are looking for extra curriculum program after school. This program is structured with various activities, where a kid gets the opportunity to learn, explore, play and grow. Overall, it aims at helping child’s comprehensive development that includes his/her emotional as well as physical well being.

These best after-school activities in Pleasanton is basically created to provide both before and after school enrichment. The program serves students from Kindergarten to grade 12. The entire activities help to engage students through the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The primary goal is is to engage students by nurturing their interests, where they can use several educational websites in a computer lab, can participate in several creative activities like drama, art, theatre, writing, outdoor games, cooking, homework club etc.

At Gurukul Pleasanton Academy, we provide blocks of time that are completely dedicated to learning concepts in order to ensure that students fight brain drain. Our best after-school activities in Pleasanton, Dublin, CA program provides

  • Transportation facilities with pick up from Dublin and Pleasanton schools
  • Homework assistance and tutoring
  • Several art activities
  • ELA and Math packets
  • Multi-cultural exposure to Yoga, Dance, Chess
  • Summer, Winter as well as Spring camps.’
  • Exposure to different languages like Hindi and Spanish

Our student transportation has adhered to all regulatory requirements that are completely related to vehicles as well as drivers in order to ensure high standard of safety and security for your children.

However, our California common core curriculum balances both traditional academies with cutting-edge tech learning. This will cater student’s passion for classes being taught by professional engineers, scientists, designers, and artists. We also include math, Public Speaking, Arts, language, Science as well as Engineering in our day as well as weekly sessions.

Thus, to sum up, at Gurukul, your child will definitely be immersed in opportunities and
experiences in terms of learning every single moment.