Lego Robotics in Pleasanton – A Fun Filled Hands-on Activity for Every Kid
  August 5th, 2018     education

Let your child do something creative with Lego robotics in Pleasanton. Enroll them to get learn about software and mechanical design, conditional statements, loops, problem-solving as well as teamwork skills.

Are you one among those parents who are always looking for the better opportunities for their child? Do you want your child to engage in something more creative? Or are you looking for new activities in Pleasanton to inspire your child after school? Then, nothing would be much creative than Lego robotics in Pleasanton, Dublin, CA.

Learning robotics, your kids can get fun and hands-on project in order to get their creative juices flowing. Here, your child can get experience on how to build as well as program robots with Lego bricks and software, and at the same time can learn how to make new friends, interact with each other, develop new skills and have a great time with the STEM. The class of Lego robotics in Pleasanton would be a great highlight of their week.

There are several kids’ robotics programs available to completely engage as well as the challenge of every aspiring computer programmer, scientist, and engineers. If your kid is a first timer, they are welcomes to join the Lego robotics in Pleasanton, Dublin, CA center where they can jump into robotics 1010 or 201 without any prior experience.

How is lego robotics in Pleasanton being taught?

In each class of Lego robotics, both your child and a buddy work together in order to plan as well as build a new robot using Lego bricks. This will let them to lose their imagination and creativity. In the entire process, these kids also learn science as well as engineering concepts, for example, working with pulleys, levers, and motors.
As soon as the kids’ robots take shape, they experiment with Lego software and hence, tends to discover the method of applying the concepts of computer programming and find several new ways to get their robot moving.
As soon as the kids challenge other teams in this friendly game or take part in the imaginative play, their energy levels reach to the highest point. At the end of the robotics class, one can enjoy the wrap-up activity in order to reinforce the STEM skills that they learned in the class.

The reason why your kid will love and become fam of Lego robotics in Pleasanton.

Following are the few reasons why every kid will love lego robotics:

Unique STEM curriculum: As your child gets busy in creating robotics, he or she will directly or indirectly learn the practical STEM skills.

Creative problem solving: In each Lego robotics in Pleasanton class, kid tends to participate in creative as well as challenging activities that encourage a love and inclination towards technology, science, and engineering at the earliest stage.

Fun, hands-on activities: The interactive engaging exercises encourage the kid to participate in every activity and come out with solutions to every problem.

Ongoing communication: While learning these skills, your child will learn how to interact with other kids and sometimes with their instructors too. They will learn to discuss their problems and how to work in a group.