Fifth Grade

Gurukul fifth graders are effortlessly move into a lifelong learners category due to the sequential learning programs as a foundation. They are definitely a confident learners with a strong leadership qualities and are not only ready to take responsibilties of their actions but they understand that they are the incharge of their destiny.

Fifth Grade Language

Gurukul fifth graders have effective study skills and strong reasoning and analytical skills.
They are confident to communicate their ideas in writing and in speaking. At Language front they are able to understand the workings of English knowledge. They are able to understand and apply parts of speeches, roots of words, prefixes, suffixes and all aspects of literary examples. Gurukul fifth graders are socially and academically ready to march into the middle school.

Fifth Grade Math

Gurukul fifth graders are very logical thinkers and problem solvers. They develop the concept of dividing the complex problems into sequential logical parts, ask questions to gather more information, work as a collaborative team for a project and take responsibility for their actions.
By the end of fifth grade they are well prepared to further stepped into the middle school curriculum and take the challenge and thrive.