Gurukul’s super fun KG program inspires kids to enjoy their activities while learning and growing. It will be hard to distinguish the fine line between learning and fun. Gurukul kindergartners start reading and writing on their own. They will start going ahead in number game with the addition and subtraction. By the end of the year they will have the taste of multiplication also. In extracurricular activities they will have the bollywood dance, chess and several arts and crafts projects.


In a very fun filled environment Gurukul kindergarteners will learn the basic shapes and forms and will learn to sketch and paint. Arts and crafts are integrated into multiple projects of Math learning, Reading and Writing. We will have the arts and crafts for seasons, festivals like Christmas, Halloween, Diwali and important historical events like independence day.

Gurukul kindergarteners are artists 😉


Gurukul students have fun with Math throughout the year. As they are moving ahead in number game they will learn to measure, compute, solve logical problems as well as start the grouping of 10’s with additional math concepts. Kindergarteners will have more fun with money, time, odd and even numbers, counting by not only by 10’s but 2’s or 3’s. We start building the foundation of Math working from fundamentals to complex problems.


Reading is the foundation of all learning. As a progression to the Gurukul pre-schoolers where they have mastered the alphabet letters and sounds, build the phonics foundation they make leaps and bound progress to the reading zone. Gurukul kindergarteners found the real joy of reading as they continue to develop their reading skills and start comprehending the stories main idea, main character and settings. They will develop the idea of fiction and real stories and will write their own fiction and real stories.