First Grade

Gurukul places the foundation of elementary school curriculum in their first grade kids.The gurukul first graders started to understand and solve the word problems in Math, Started to write their sentences in Language and Arts. The fundamentals are built upon the review of previous learned skills and they are being introduced in logical and sequential order.Gurukul staff make sure that every kid achieves a higher goal and be proud of their achievements.

Gurukul First Grade Language and Arts

The Gurukul kids are confident about growing up with their communication skills, reading and writing. They have been introduced to construct of sentences in the form of nouns, pronouns ,verbs and punctuation. Not only they start to build the wonderful vocabulary but they started building their sentences with those words. Gurukul first graders are becoming independent emergent readers.

Gurukul First Grade Math

The journey of academics start for the Gurukul kids from their first grade. The gurukul kids were being assessed and review the previous learned skills. The skills were being applied as word problems in Math and the fundamentals were introduced like multiplication is repeated addition. We believe that fundamentals are so important and teachers works toward that goal in a very fun filled environment.