Second Grade

Gurukul second graders are making a bold step towards an independent, curious and confident learners. They are immersed in the learning of core concepts of Math, Vocabulary, Reading and Writing in regular basis. They are learning new ideas and started to connect those ideas into new learning. Gurukul second graders feel proud to become more responsible with their work.

Second Graders Language

Gurukul second graders will start to comprehend more advanced grammar concepts and their usage and different types of sentence constructs. They will also start to write the different type of stories based on the target audience and will use the vocabulary which is being developed in regular intervals. The public speaking skills will enhance their confidence and they will start expressing their thoughts clearly.

Second Grade Math

Gurukul second grade math program reinforces the concepts and makes them to master their skills by using word problems. They are introduced to the two and three digit multiplications and division concepts. They have started to practiced the timed tests which introduces the time management skills. Gurukul second graders are definitely an independent, curious and confident learners.