Third Grade

Gurukul third grade is an exciting and is more challenging. Third graders curriculum will focus on critical thinking, logic and reasoning. They will start learning the increasing challenging concepts of math like fractions and multiple digits divisons. Gurukul third graders will start understanding the concepts of parts of speech as well as the construct of paragraphs.

Third Grade Language

Gurukul third grade curriculum will focus on the construct of paragraphs, parts of speech and they will practice the comprehension tests. Third graders will start writing multi paragraphs with their clear ideas and thoughts. This helps them to develop the theme and idea of stories with the real and fiction type of literature. They started to develop the drafts and start proof-reading them. Gurukul third graders are definitely an awesome writers.

Third Grade Math

Gurukul third grade math curriculum is fun and and sequentially challenging. They will start demystifying the fraction problems by simplifying them. They will have mathematics projects with the idea of solving the real world word problems. They will participate in math competitions to challenge themselves and build up their confidence level.